Omega Fatty Acids, Mental Health and Adaptiv

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Adaptiv is an innovative new daily supplement that supports mental health.

Adaptiv contains a proprietary blend of botanicals and certified PURE and THERAPEUTIC Essential Oils.

An ingredient in Adaptiv is Ahiflower extract. Read on to learn more about Ahi flower and why it is an important ingredient in the Adaptiv Supplement.


Ahi Flower Extract, an ingredient in Adaptiv Supplement, is high in the Omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 .

It is a sustainable plant source (Vegan) containing high amounts of Omega's. I love that it is beneficial to pollinators and leaves less of an environmental footprint than fish farming and even more importantly it is different from fish and flaxseed oil in that it is converted in the body into biologically active forms of fatty acid. Basically your body absorbs more of what is needed from Ahiflower as opposed to flax or fish. Here is an informational article found on Verywell Health

Ok so Ahi contains Omega and that is a big deal because.......

Studies reveal that supplementing anti depressants with Omegas resulted in better response to treatment. Check out the article here in Psychology Today

Omega Fatty Acids have induced positive results in people dealing with Mental Health Issues such as ; Suicide, Depression, Self Harm , Bi-Polar. The omegas in Ahi Flower and Adaptiv have proven helpful in slowing the onset of Schizophrenia and reducing Menopausal and Postpartum Depression and more.

Would you like to try Adaptiv?

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Adaptiv will be available to the public in Oct 2019. The Adaptiv System contains a daily supplement as well as essential oils. You may purchase these together or separately. This is not a replacement for your prescribed medicines , please do not stop taking prescribed medications and discuss any supplementation with your doctor for his or her approval. Test subjects taking Adaptiv reported that it was effective in reducing tension and helping to empower and encourage them when adapting to difficult situations or acclimating to new surroundings. Adaptiv System will be $82.00 wholesale or purchase the Adaptiv Supplement alone for $39.00 Wholesale.

Get your Wholesale Account now and receive a FREE Diffuser upon your first order of the Adaptiv System.

Read this article to learn about the other amazing ingredients in Adaptiv.

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