Can I use too much essential oil?

Safe Use of Essential Oil

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Let’s talk about potency and safe use of essential oils ...

Question: Is it possible to overuse essential oil? Can I use too much ?

Answer: YES

In the most basic sense Essential oils are condensed versions of plants 🌿

Essential oils have

👍Longer shelf life than herbs 🌿

👍Better consistency in chemical makeup than herbs 🌿 Be aware that when you purchase herbs they have very inconsistent chemical constituents. You may also be exposing yourself to pesticide or herbicide residue. DoTerra essential oils are put through multiple tests to ensure potency , CONSISTENCY and purity.

👍 Stronger than teas and tinctures One drop of essential oil is comparable to 15-40 cups of medicinal tea or up to 10 tsp of tincture. Keep that in mind when you are using your oils.


Also keep in mind that 90% of essential oils on the market are adulterated or contaminated. For example many companies add synthetic lavender to an oil to create a cheaper product and increase profit.

⚠️ If you are using essential oils for health support make sure the brand you choose is a trusted and tested product with no harmful additives.

So the takeaway here is essential oils are strong 💪 which makes them usefully potent however ; DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE STRENGTH BUT DO FOLLOW SAFE USE GUIDELINES

DoTERRA takes safety seriously, known around the globe as a SCIENCE BASED COMPANY. DoTERRA Essential Oil's are trusted and used by hospitals around the world. Stay tuned for exciting research as DoTERRA dives deeper into how, why and how much through partnerships with Research Universities like Roseman University.

You can use  too much Essential Oil

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