Five Easy Ways to Love your Liver!

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At least one in ten Americans have some form of liver disease, and many of those living with liver damage remain unaware of the risks to their health until damage reaches a critical point American Liver Foundation.

Five easy ways to have a healthy liver.


Greens like Dandelion, Kale, Parsley, Spinach, Spirulina, Chlorela , Oat Grass, Broccolli etc.

have powerful blood-cleansing, liver toning and strengthening properties. You can quickly prepare your favorite green by sautéing with garlic and olive oil. If you prefer smoothies try a FRUIT AND VEGETABLE Supplement Powder + ice + water or juice. Supplements like ALPHA CRS Cellular Vitality and WHOLE FOOD NUTRIENT Supplement contain powdered greens and whole food nutrients that love on your liver by supporting the removal of heavy metals and pesticides and strengthening whole body systems. Tip (it is more cost effective to purchase the combo pack) OR Get started today with this HEALTHY HABITS KIT then reach out to me to receive personalized support and FREE products to start your journey.

Cruciferous Veggies contain sulforaphane which boosts your livers detoxifying enzymes


In addition to hydrating your organs for optimal preformance water transports essential nutrients and minerals throughout the body. These nutrients and minerals strengthen the detoxification organs – the liver, kidneys, intestines, respiratory tract and skin. If you find drinking water to be a hard habit to start try making your own flavored drink by adding a drop of DoTERRA Lemon or other doTERRA citrus Essential Oil to 4 oz of water.


Research has shown that plants such as MILK THISTLE , GERANIUM, CORDYCEPS, TURMERIC, DANDELION , CILANTRO and LEMONGRASS show promising results including liver repair from damage caused by alcohol or acetimenophen and liver protection. Doterra supplements and products that contain LIVER LOVING ingredients include ALPHA CRS, MITO2MAX ,ZENDOCRINEMICROPLEX FOOD NUTRIENT and various essential oils. Note that herbal supplements are an unregulated industry so go with a company that ensures products are free of adulterants. Talk with your physician before starting any supplement regime and check out this Consumer Report article on 15 supplements to avoid.

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TURMERIC supplementation helps prevent high cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces the risk of fatty liver disease by regulating the enzymes responsible for cholesterol metabolism.

MILK THISTLE is an herbal supplement that is proven to have numerous health benefits. However, it is primarily known for protecting your liver against alcohol, pollutants and other toxins, helping to regenerate healthy liver cells and improve your overall liver function.


Sugar, processed foods and trans fats can lead to fatty liver and exceeding 40 grams of alcohol daily is enough to cause serious liver damage thankfully your liver has the ability to repair damage but you have to help it along by reducing or removing things that impair your liver. Kicking unhealthy habits can be easier when you incorporate essential oils. Studies show essential oils like black pepper, fennel, grapefruit and many others can help curb unhealthy cravings. Read labels and say goodbye to artificial everything!

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The best way to get something done is to begin.

Your body is designed to filter and remove toxins, the problem is that you are inundated with thousands of toxins on a daily basis from cleaning products, lotions, perfumes, air fresheners, toothpaste and sadly even the foods you eat.

Love your Liver by reducing your exposure to toxins. Make the switch to safer alternatives. Here is an article with some tips to make the switch with cleaning products.

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If you have been regularly exposed to chemicals in your job field or bad lifestyle habits such as drug use or even just daily using perfumes, makeup and nail polishes for years you may benefit from a yearly Cleanse and Restore Detox Kit (currently out of stock) to detox your organs and some sort of whole foods regimen to give your body the boost it needs. I recommend this STARTER KIT to begin your cleanse, sign up for the Loyalty Rewards and put these products in your basket for the following month: Zendocrine Softgels and DDR Prime. Reach out to me at anytime for personalized coaching and FREE supplies to start your journey.

If you are under the care of a doctor be sure to let them know of all supplements you are taking.

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Peace Love & Oils , Jenny

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