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In traditional yoga, as defined by Patanjali, the primary purpose of yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind. Our minds are often easily pulled into thoughts, worries, stress, anxiety, or depression. But yoga philosophy teaches us that these tendencies or habit patterns can actually be broken, and eventually, we can calm these waves so that we can peer into the depths of the soul. Read more here : ONLINE YOGA COURSE

Children and Teens can benefit greatly from yoga. Find a qualified teacher that incorporates not just the poses but teaches Yama's and Niyama's. If you are interested in the classes I teach online or in person follow me on my Facebook page KIDDING AROUND YOGA WITH JENNY MALLIN or follow me here on Jenny Mallin Oils Yoga for Children and Teens

Essential Oil's are from plants, nature has a powerful ability to soothe the mind and soul. Forest Bathing and grounding (going barefoot while outside) have gained in popularity because they really work to soothe the troubled mind and mood. Essential Oils are the aromatic compounds in plants that have been bottled, for instance there are 8,000 rose petals in one 5 ml bottle of Doterra Rose Essential Oil! These compounds can uplift the mood and emotions.

Essential oil's affect the limbic system and can benefit the brain in many ways. If you are interested in learning more about which oil's and how they work please leave a comment below or email me for a link to a class that goes in depth on the topic.

The best way to try essential oils is with this Kit for Children (and everyone) you can purchase these as a kit or individually. CLICK HERE TO SHOP , after your purchase contact me for how to use these blends in multiple ways.

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