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1. Watch short video below.

2. Print I have my what & Favorite Recipes pages 1& 2 by clicking HERE.

3. Get all of the EBOOKS offered throughout this website. Top two you NEED to get are HERE and HERE

Ask ALL questions on our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook message group
(Link to your group goes here) Or if you are not on Facebook ask questions here in the comments of this post or reach out to me or the person who enrolled you via the contact forms on this website.

APPS: Ask me to send you the link for app called DROPLII I bought it so you dont have to.

Other favorite apps: The essential life, EoE books , M Essentials


1. The Essential Life Book most recent addition-
2. MCT fractionated coconut oil USA made / Organic/ Etc.

for use internally use MCT brand labeled for internal use, for topical use I purchase the doTERRA brand FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)
3. 10 ml or 5 ml rollers -
4. Optional - order 30ml plastic spray bottles
5. Optional - order 300 ml -500 ml diffusers - amazon

NEVER ORDER DŌTERRA PRODUCTS FROM AMAZON OR OTHER 3rd party vendors. They are not from Doterra and not safe (google why not to buy doterra on amazon and youtube videos come up showing you why) ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE CERTIFIED SITE SYMBOL FOR A TRUE DOTERRA SITE TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING PURE UNADULTERATED OILS.

WHY? Check out the Unit on our Whisper Essentials Facebook group or go HERE to learn more.

ADULTS- 20 drops of essential oil in a 10ml rollerball topped off with FCO = 10% dilution, 50 drops in a 10ml= 25% dilution etc. for a 5 ml bottle drop equals percentage. Recommended up to 50% Essential Oils in 10ml roller at max. It's ok to start with less and add more later if necessary. See pages 11-13 of The Essential Life Book for more information on diluting. I use 25% for regular use roller for adult and 6% for child over 6 years of age.

CHILDREN & BABIES- for ease of use remember this guideline, use the same # of drops as their age. So a baby roller would be 1-5 drops of essential oil and top off with FCO. A 5 year old would use 5-10 drops of each essential oil and top off with FCO. For more specific dilutions be sure to download the HOW TO USE YOUR OILS Ebook specifically for the Whisper Essentials Oily Family. .

YOUR EBOOK will show you how to use the top 10 oils. Here is another link for an ebook with 150 uses.

See POST 3 on How to Order Next.

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NOTE: PHOTOSENSITIVE OILS. Please review for safety and do not apply before going out into the sun. You must wait 12-24 hours before exposing skin to sun after using these oils.

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