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Silly Songs and Pranayam practice increase lung capacity, clear out rubbish and help you become aware of your breathing patterns. This is a fun yodeling song that incorporates Asana and Pranayama (poses and breathwork)

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Staying seated, you begin by clasping your hands and throwing them over each shoulder as the song says, “A yogi went yodeling, on a mountain top high, when along came a _____ interrupting his cry”. Then clap your hands on your thighs when the song says, “Oh he went, yogis like to yodel, yodel-le-hee-hee”. Then do the pose from the song, LION, DOWN DOG, COBRA, and CAT. Then it ends with the yogi resting in his Peaceful Garden. Perfect end to a perfect Kids Yoga class.

Silly songs like La cucarach bring the kid out in everyone!

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