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The World Needs some Super Hero's

I like to think of Essential Oil's as Super Hero's in the plant world.

I mean really imagine it, can you just see the golden oil drop with a bright red cape flying around and doing all the amazing things a super hero does?

Every surface it touches "Bam" worked a little goodness here and here and there!

EVERY Single Bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil contains hundreds of Natural Plant Constituents. It is these constituents that are the real super power. See Single Essential Oil's  HERE and Read about the Science HERE

I need 'em

Like I said everyone could use a little super powered goodness and nature is my favorite place discover good things. Take a walk in nature today. Take your shoes off and walk on the ground allow yourself to feel the calm and peace. Breathe in the scent of the outdoors , what can you smell? A tree, the rain, a flower?

If you are unable to go outside perhaps you can open a window , smell the breeze and allow the sunlight to fall on your face.

God has given us all things for life and peace and goodness and health.

Perhaps you dont have an herb garden or can't go outside but what you can do is order a bottle of pure essential oil and use it to bring Natures Super Powers indoors!

Check out this article I wrote ; Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Sage

You are not alone and everything is going to be ok. Connect with nature and find peace.

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