The BEST VITAMINS I have ever tried.

Lifelong Vitality Pack by DoTERRA

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  • General wellness and vitality
  • Antioxidant and DNA protection
  • Energy metabolism
  • Bone health
  • Immune function
  • Stress management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Eye, brain, nervous system
  • Liver function and digestive health
  • Lung and respiratory health
  • Gentle on stomach
  • Does not contain genetically modified material, dairy-free

 Ask anyone that takes these supplements and you will hear the same thing. 

I feel better when I take them.

Here are just a few testimonies from people that have used and loved the Lifelong Vitality Trio pack

Great believer in supplements. I find these the best. Five years ago I gave up acrylic nails after 18 years. Began taking doTerra in June and for the first time in five years, my paper-thin ridged nails are strong and healthy. I'm ecstatic. - Virginia

I totally LOVE these vitamins. After using the 30 day supply, I can totally feel a difference in my energy levels. I gave some to my lil sister for Christmas, as she has always taken 1-2 hour afternoon naps her entire life, and after 3 weeks, she did not take one nap at all. I've taken multi-vitamins my entire life, and these by far are the best. I also need good quality omega 3's, since my eyes have gotten really dry after LASIK. no more dry, itching eyes. I LOVE these! - Feather

This trio has been a GAMECHANGER for me!!! I'm that girl who bought a big bottle of multivitamins in January and every few years, rounded up the remnants of 3/4 full bottles a few years later after they'd all expired!!! I can tell you that my overall health upgraded in a MASSIVE way when I started taking LLV! I started on these beauties just around the time I took myself off of Biologic drugs (for Crohns - nasty stuff - immunosuppressants that caused me massive side effects -and I have the Blog that tells the tale!) Not only have I been able to maintain the same level of Crohn's remission - full credit to my lifestyle and Oil/supplement regimen, but I feel FANTASTIC - Jen

These vitamins are E V E R Y T H I N G ! I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant with lots of energy + little to no pregnancy symptoms. I'm unsure what I would do without these - Andi

So pumped. My skin has never looked better. My energy is good + consistent throughout the day, which is a first for me. Love these supplements. - Heather

The subtle energy is great but is secondary to the emotional benefits. Anyone that is a worrier knows how this awful trait can steal precious time and joy from your life. I am an emotional person by nature and can get overwhelmed easily. This still happens. But it happens less frequently and I enjoy the sense of being more balanced and in control. I will not say everyone will have this experience with the LLV supplements, however, I would highly recommend these to any friend who is in need of a little boost or balance in their lives, or just wants to up their wellness game in general. - Peony

After 30 days of LLV, I don't experience brain fog as much anymore. I know that brain fog can be caused by multiple factors - heavy metals in the liver, eating the "wrong" foods, hormonal imbalance - and I'm looking into each of these. But it's nice to know that I"m taking quality supplements to support me in my everyday life as I'm tackling the bigger issues in my body. - Annie

I take these powerhouses every single day. You don’t notice the small changes when you take them. However, I can assure you, when you miss a couple of days, you will ABSOLUTELY know! Never again will I go a day without these supplements! - Maribeth

I love these vitamins. Everything in these is all-natural so I don't have to worry about those unknown extras. They do give a good little burst of energy which is a huge plus. And... My mom's health has just been so much better on them - Dana

 So what do you think, are you ready to try them? 

Cost of a trio (non vegan type) is $79.50, if you take the recommend amount this will cost you approx $2.66 per day. Note that in the first few months of taking the product it is sometimes best to start with half dose so the cost would be less. 

I weigh 114lbs so I take half dose which costs me approx $1.33 per day. Its worth it! Trust me. 

Some people find they can only take one of the alpha crs , I take one of the alpha crs in the morning, this brings my cost even lower. You can purchase these items seperatly in the event you go through less of one. 

Big bonus, when you purchase the trio you will get an option to add on additional products at $20 each, because this is a GREAT discount I highly suggest taking advantage of this discount. My favorite to add on are the Mito2Max (helpful for adrenals)  , the probiotic and the digestive enzymes.

 Click the pic below to go to a shopping cart with the best deal for this product. You can edit the cart if needed. 

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